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The school organized standardized psychological interview practical training
2022-11-14 09:28  

In order to fully grasp the mental health of students,To better provide students with professional, systematic and accurate mental health education services,Maintain students' mental health,According to the requirements of the provincial Department of Education, the school conducted a general mental health test for all students,And on November 10th,Standardized psychological interview practical training was carried out for all student staff,The training was delivered by Wen Zhu, Director of the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center。

At the beginning of the training, Teacher Wen started from the significance of census to explain that psychological census is not only an important way to improve the mental health awareness of college students, but also an important means of psychological risk warning and resource promotion。Psychological interview is an important part of students' mental health survey, which is of great significance for realizing the purpose of survey more accurately and reducing the occurrence of campus psychological crisis。Then, Teacher Wen made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the psychological survey scale and score explanation, the work of psychological general survey, the procedures and contents of psychological survey interview, and then focused on the interview skills and skills and precautions, and analyzed and communicated the cases encountered in the actual interview work。最后,In order to let everyone intuitively and quickly understand and master the conversation skills,The psychological center teacher Sun Qingyao and Zhang Fuxu cooperated with the psychological interview live demonstration,Teacher Wen analyzed the specific problems in the field drill and answered questions for everyone,To ensure that all teachers complete the psychological survey interview work scientifically, professionally and effectively。

Mental health general test is an important routine work in school psychological education。In recent years, the psychological center has continuously explored the content of the census work and refined the work process. This year, it has produced standardized interview Outlines, standardized interview records and scientific evaluation methods for psychological problems。Through this training, the teachers have strengthened their understanding of mental health education, mastered the structured and professional psychological survey talking methods, improved the interview skills, and provided a strong guarantee for the quality and efficiency of psychological survey work in our school。

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